Easy Ways to Brighten Facial Skin

Having white and bright skin is a dream of many women. No wonder the skin whitening products are always in demand in the market. But, not all beauty products are safe to use. Wrong choice, your skin is at stake.

Basically, everyone has a different skin color. This difference is due to the number and type of pigment cells that vary in the skin of each person.

Thanks to advances in technological development in the world of skin beauty, has been found substances that can inhibit the production of pigment cells. This makes the facial skin can turn into one to several levels brighter.

Some substances that can inhibit the production of pigment cells have proven to be successful in brightening facial skin. But, not all skin whitening is safe to use. One of them is hydroquinone.

Although safe and commonly used as a mixture in a doctor’s cream, hydroquinone has quite serious side effects if not used in the right way and dose.

Therefore, beauty products that are sold freely are forbidden to put hydroquinone in it. Hydroquinone is only limited to prescription drugs.

But, even if you can’t use hydroquinone, there are substances that are safer and friendlier used daily to brighten facial skin. This substance does not have to use a doctor’s prescription.

These substances are glutathione, vitamin C, collagen, and hydroxytyrosol derived from olives. The average substance can be obtained in a product that is smeared like a cream, taken as a supplement, or injected.

In the form of topical, the substance is less stable. The form that is drunk and injected is actually more stable and effective.
However, injection drugs can only be obtained by prescription, are more invasive, and must be done by a doctor. This is what makes many people consider it less practical. As a result, many people turn to supplements that are considered more practical and effective for skin lightening.

So, choose a whitening product that is safe for the health of your facial skin. Ready to make your choice?