How Effective is Cucumber to Eliminate Panda Eyes?

Wake up, you find black panda eyes hanging. Though two more hours will attend an important event. Ouch, what to do, huh?

Indeed, eliminating the panda’s eyes is rather easy and difficult. But it is said, using cucumber on the eye can help.

According to the Australasian College of Dermatologists, cucumber slices that are placed in the eye can be beneficial when cold.

Cold temperatures can shrink blood vessels and reduce swelling in the eye area. However, this effect is only temporary.

In addition, the black area of ​​the eye will not be reduced by cold cucumber slices. But, swelling in the eye can be reduced and at least make the face fresher.

So, it really isn’t cucumber that makes dark circles look faint. But the cool effects of the cucumber.

If the cucumber you use is stored at room temperature, the results are the same. Will not have any effect on the face.

Besides Cucumber, There Are Other Ways

One of the most effective ways to deal with panda eyes is to get enough sleep. Enough sleep can not only brighten the area around the eyes, but also help skin cells to regenerate.

Also avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, because it can make the dark circles of the eyes look clearer. Even worse, you can experience mild dehydration.

For medical treatment, panda eyes can be removed by filler and laser injection.

Filler injection can help if your panda eyes are caused by a reduction in fat around the eyes. Meanwhile, the laser action can help reduce panda eyes caused by ruptured blood vessels.

In addition, products that contain vitamin K can also help reduce eye dark circles.

Now just choose, want the natural way – like cucumber – or medical treatment? Whatever it is, hopefully your panda eyes can disappear soon and your face will be refreshed!